Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Amerysk Word of the Day: Wordhord

Wordhord (plural: wordhordas)

English: dictionary, glossary
German: Wörterbuch

Dutch: woordenboek
Swedish: ordbok
Danish: ordbog

Norwegian: ordbok
Yiddish:  verterbuch

French: dictionnaire
Spanish: diccionario
Esperanto: vortaro, glosaro

Wordhord is also an Anglo-Saxon word. The modern English equivalent, wordhoard, is sometimes used by those keen on Germanic heritage, and is very common in the Asatru/Odinist community. As I begin this Word of the Day feature and add the first new word to the Amerysk wordhord in many years, I thought it would be appropriate to pick wordhord.

Tha wordhord.
Æn wordhord or Aen wordhord.
Myn wordhord and thyn wordhord.

The dictionary.
A dictionary.
My dictionary and thine dictionary.

Das Wörterbuch.
Ein Wörterbuch.
Mein Wörterbuch und dein Wörterbuch.
La vortaro.
Mia vortaro kaj cia vortaro.
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