Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Amerysk Articles and Pronouns

Æn - Indefinite Article

English = a, an
German = ein, eine

Tha - Definite Article

English = the
German = der, die, das
Esperanto = la

Personal Pronouns

Ik = I, me | ich, mir, mich | mi
Thu = thou, thee, you (singular) | du, dir, dich | vi
Hy = he, him | er, ihm | li
Sjy = she, her | sie, ihr | ŝi
Hit = it | es | ĝi

Wy = we, us | wir, uns | ni
Ju = you (plural) | ihr, euch | vi
Thæ = they, them |sie, ihnen | ili

There are two forms of 'you', singular and plural. English speakers are used to having only one form used for both, so speakers from that background may tend to use ju for both singular and plural.

These forms are a simplification of the more complex ones in the original booklet. In addition, some of the pronouns have been changed to make them more similar to modern English ones, which are somewhat familiar these days also to speakers of the other Germanic languages.

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