Thursday, January 3, 2013

Amerysk Word of the Day: Fughol

Fughol (plural: fugholas)

English: bird
German: Vogel
Dutch: vogel
Swedish: fågel
Danish: fugl
Norwegian: fugl
Yiddish: foigel
French: oiseau
Spanish: ave
Esperanto: birdo

Fughol is pronounced 'fukhol' with the 'kh' being like the 'ch' in Scottish 'loch' or German 'ach'. In 'Snaekk and Skryf Amerysk' it said that 'g' in the middle or end of a word is pronounced with that sound. We now spell that with 'gh' to indicate the sound difference. If you have difficulty with the sound, it is permissible to substitute a 'k' sound. Fughol comes from the Anglo-Saxon word fugol.

Tha fughol.
Hys fugholas.  
Syxtyn fugholas. 

The bird.
His birds.
Sixteen birds.

Der Vogel.
Seine Vögel.
Sechzehn Vögel.

La birdo.
Liaj birdoj.
Sesdek birdoj. 

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