Sunday, January 6, 2013

Amerysk Word of the Day: kattja


English: queen cat, female cat
German: Katze, weibliche Katze
Esperanto: katino

The feminine ending '-ja' can be used to create names for female animals and persons from generic words. The word for cat is katt. Hy-katt can be used to specify a male cat.

Ik hæbban æn kattja.
Myn katt byan æn hy-katt.
Myn bærn hæbban twæ lœtt kattjas.

Ik haebban aen kattja.
Myn katt byan aen hy-katt.
Myn baern haebban twae loett kattjas.

I have a female cat.
My cat is a tomcat (male cat).
My child has two little female cats.

The first Amerysk version uses special letters, the second is the same thing using the alternative letters. The special letters show up just fine on my computer, but I wonder if everyone can see them OK. Do you?

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