Monday, January 7, 2013

Amerysk Word of the Day: Rædere

Rædere, raedere

English: reader (one who reads), lector.
Deutsch: Leser
Esperanto: leganto, legisto

-ere is one of our most useful affixes, like the modern English -er. It can be attached to any word where it makes sense.
-ja can be a specifically feminine version of -ere. So rædja is a female 'one who reads'.

Rædan, raedan

English: to read
Deutsch: lesen
Esperanto: legi

Ræding, raeding

English: reading (something which is read), lesson
Deutsch: Lektion
Esperanto: leciono

Hy byan tha rædere.
Tha lœtt knapa rædan tha ræding. 
Tha rædere byan myn bærn. 

He is the reader.
The little boy reads the lesson.
The reader is my child.

1. The original booklet Snaekk and Skryf Amerysk is going to be scanned and put online in its original form on our Facebook page. 
2. A new dictionary with the new words being added to Amerysk is being compiled. The updated version will be shared somewhere online from time to time.
3. I am starting to translate some lessons from the old-fashioned McGuffey's Primer into Amerysk. This will help me see what words are missing from the language and need to be added.

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