Sunday, December 30, 2012

Amerysk Faanas - Amerysk Flags

Amerysk now has a flag! Well, actually, there are two. This one is the Amerysk Tungafaan--- Amerysk language flag. Flags are used a lot these days as icons for languages--- on many, you click an English or American flag to go to the English version of a page, and there are other pages for other languages.

Conlangs (constructed languages) can have flags, took. This is the flag for Esperanto. It's often used on web sites, blogs and Facebook pages in Esperanto. Our Amerysk flag can be used the same way. (I give my permission for anyone to use it for any Amerysk-related purpose.)

The flag above is an 1985 flag called the Ryksfaan. It's a tribal flag for the 'Amerykan' people--- Germanic-heritage people of North America (or the Americas), who speak the folk-language Amerysk and worship the traditional tribal Gods. The graphic is not as well done--- I'm not so good at creating graphics. But it gives an idea of what the Ryksfaan looks like.

Since the Ryksfaan has religious and folk/tribal meanings attached to it, as well as the linguistic connection to the Amerysk language, I thought that a language flag that is JUST about the language would be in order. My Amerysk tungafaan was inspired in its design by the Ryksfaan, just a little plainer. Which is appropriate because it has a plainer, pared-down meaning.

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